DB Evolution (2009) :: SUCKS!!!!

Hi there i'm Dragonball comics and anime fans, it started since i was a kid, i know it from by big brother. He was a fans to. I really upset with DBE(2009), because there is so many potential act they've miss. Actually when i was hear the first issue of this movie, i was wondering that this movie will get the same rating with spiderman, or at least HULK. If we compare with the previous remake (Dragon Ball: The Magic Begins(1991)), the character more better in 1991, especially Kameshenin(MutenRoshi). I think movie technology that been apply in DBE(2009) was very cheap technology. OOh god please dont do this again on Naruto and Bleach in future..........please god.. :)

The most bad next is the sequel version, it can kill the dragonball popularity. Dragonball Evolution was a massive flop hated by everyone but the most self-loathing of Dragonball fans… it’s getting a sequel. James Marsters, who played the villain Lord Piccolo in the first film, confirmed the rumors in an interview with a fansite. Marsters says that after his upcoming concert tour, “we’ll start shooting the second Dragonball movie. I’ve just heard that I can actually tell that there is going to be a sequel.”

There is another review Movie from Youtube user.

and this the previous Dragonball Movie

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