This is the most great action movie in 2008, the movie adapt assasisnation killing like ninja, yes its a western ninja. Thank god i watch this movie after dissapoint with prom night (2008) movie, its really bad but i haven't made detail summary. Angelina jolie makes this movie more fantastic, we can see her sexy but in this movie.

You must be agree with my statements that, if i compare with Mummy III, this movie are more creative, it's unbelieveable. The story made was so complex, when the first time i see the trailer my tought was saying that this is a general action movie, but its wrong.... Having two days after i watch this movie, this movie still running trough my mind, it's seem that i want to try the move... heheheh 'lol'.

If my finger all thumb, i'll give it to this movie... GREAT GREAT AND GREAT....HOOAA... I want to see this again, and again... 'Bang' 'bang' bang

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